Year 12 (1ère) and Year 13 (Terminale) Scientific. Engineering Sciences.

Qualities Required

Good overall grades, a strong level in maths, physics, chemistry and engineering sciences (I.S.I.); an interest and curiosity in these disciplines is essential as well as a good capacity for work.

Course Content

Scientific subjects clearly dominate the course content in Year 12 (maths, physics, chemistry and engineering sciences).

In Year 13, according to their level and abilities, the students can choose a teaching speciality that reinforces the curriculum (Maths or physics and chemistry).

The student projects (TPE) are integrated into the Engineering Sciences timetable.

Mandatory Lessons

Student Schedule Year 12 Year 13
Mathematics 5h 5,5h
Physics and Chemistry 4,5h 5h
Engineering Sciences 8h 8h
French 4h
Philosophy 3h
Foreign Language 1 LV-1 (English or German) 2,5h 2,5h
History and Geography 2,5h 2,5h
Physical Education and Sports 2h 2h
Foreign Language 2 LV-2 (English or German or Spanish) 2,5h 2,5h
Civic, Legal and Social Studies 0,5h 0,5h

Teaching Specialities in Year 13

(Optional but desirable depending on chosen career path)

  • Mathematics 2h
  • or Physics and Chemistry 2h

Optional Faculty Choice:

(extra timetable options)

  • Latin
  • Breton
  • Arts
  • Physical Education and Sports
  • Music
  • Chinese

(Only above average points counted)

European Section possible in LV-1 English

Higher Education

Engineering Schools


  • DEUG (Diplôme d’études universitaires générales/General University Diploma), Degrees (Sciences,Technologies, Maths...) etc...

Foundation Courses

  • Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Sciences (MPSI)
  • Physics and Chemistry (PC)
  • Physics and Technology (PTSI et PT)

DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie/Technical University Diploma)

  • Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing
  • Civil Engineering, Physical Measurements
  • Thermial Engineering and Energy
  • Computing ...

BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur/Vocational Training Certificate)

  • Industrial Product Design
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Mechanical and Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Computing
  • Electronics
  • Electrics

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