Year 12 (1ère) and 13 (Terminale) Industrial Science and Technology (STI) - Mechanical-Engineering


In a high school, where the training is characterised by a balance between the general curriculum and the technological disciplines.

For whom?

For students who have preferably chosen the: Introduction to Engineering Sciences or IT and Production Systems courses in Year 11.

With what skills?

Method, rigour, logic, curiosity and an interest in new technologies.

A path to success?

Yes, because the teaching is through practical work done in laboratories and via projects that enable the students to play an active role in their learning process.

Why do it?

Higher education.

For more that 91% of students! The STI baccalauréat is one of the baccalauréats which offer the highest success rates in the pursuit of further studies.

Will it help students to integrate into working life?

Yes, a recent ministerial report tells us: ’’...the integration capabilities are good to excellent.’’

The General Education Content

  • French
  • Philosophy
  • History-Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • English
  • Physical Education

The Technological Training Content


  • The manufacturing process (machine process planning, quality control, …)
  • Operating machinery (computer aided manufacturing, digital control…)
  • Production management (calculating needs, management of workflow and inventory; …)
  • Quality Management (three-dimensional metrology, quality assurance, …)

Automatic and Industrial Computing

  • The use of automated systems (functional and technological descriptions…)
  • Technological production (data acquisition and processing, power control, liaison, …)

Mechanical Construction

  • Study of systems (functional analysis, mechanical calculations, …)
  • Product design (design and computer-aided design, …)

Further Study

STS : (65 %)

  • The industrialisation of mechanical products
  • Industrial product design
  • Technical engineering assistant
  • Mechanical and industrial automation
  • Maintenance of aeronautical equipment
  • Industrial maintenance
  • The internal combustion engine
  • Micro technology
  • Plastics and composites
  • Metalwork…

IUT : (16 %)

Mechanical and production engineering
Organisation production management
Sciences and engineering
Industrial engineering and maintenance …

University : (5 %)



Preparatory Classes and Schools of Engineering : (2 %)

The figures in brackets correspond to the further studies of students from Le Likès in the last 10 years.

The Electrical Trades

  • The design office: Research and development, design, calculation and simulation, design and ergonomics, prototyping, …
  • Manufacturing: Workplace methods, production lines
  • Technical Sales : Technical advice, equipment demonstration,…
  • Maintenance : In operation, after-sales service, customer follow-up.

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