Comenius meeting II - Stoke on Trent , UK

Flora , Olivier and Antoine , all of them from 1ère ES2 , wre our representatives this time . Two more groups have joined the project from 1èreL and 2 more still from Term STG1 ... You’ll meet them next time I hope ..


DAY 1 :Tuesday March 3rd


Today is the beginning of all my experience. I woke up at 4h30 am to be able to live here . The end justifies the means, doesn’t it ? We left Quimper at 5h30 am . It was only 4° C and I was sleeping awake ! But after a while all was definitely better once we arrived in Nantes , except the weather . We couldn’t see 3 meters because of the huge fog . Then we waited a few minutes at the airport , prepared to go and it was done , we were in the Comenius Project . Then after a few minutes came the ‘We’re about to die ...’ and next minute you’re in the sky ...
10h20 We arrive in Liverpool , cold, wind, rain ... In my mind I think ‘That’s gonna be a great week ,dude !!!’ Well , an hour later we arrive in Stoke. There is not much around us ... Oh yes, ther is a huge cold rain ... So we go to the hotel where the girl at the reception seems to be at funerals. Then we eat a sandwich , but not a basic sandwich ... It is on a plate with salad and vinegar ships .. that’s the smart attitude man ... eating eating in the huge lounge !! But, by the way, there comes the very bad point ... a dead woodlouse near the window!! But then I meet my penfriend . She is relly nice .. Her heart is bigger than her .. (not difficult but ..) and she seems to be funny ... well, she is ..In the evening we eat , watch a movie, talk to discover who we are , and then I write this diary and fall asleep !! Good night ...


...The first industrial revolution was showing in the walls of he old homes . Cathie, my host, arrived at 6 at the hotel and we directly went to the Salvation Army . I didn’t know that and I was surprised because it was funnier than when I go to church in France. I met a lot of Cathie’s friends and I appreciate their open-mindedness. Then we went to Cathie’s home and I met her father and her 2 dogs. Her family is very nice and I have been well integrated...


Woke up at 4:20 am . Departure from Le LIkès at 5:30am. The airplane took off from Nantes at 10 and we arrived in Liverpool at 10 !! We took a Ryan Air flight, learnt to say ‘bye bye’ thanks to the Ryan Air staff . Then taxi from Liverpool to Stoke . We arrived at the profs’ hotel, the North Stafford Hotel where we had to wait for our penfriends. We visited the University Campus of Stoke. It’s an interesting place ; some boys had a strange haircut . We came back to the hotel to eat some sandwiches, and after our enormous meal we went to the city center . But it’s a bit small .. We visited the library , the Sainsbury market place and the Lidl!! bought a ‘chinese’ cake + an energy drink better than Redbull and cheaper too ...We ate it just at the entrance of the public toilets !! A guardian was there and we had to be quiet ! While we were out the German delegation and penfriends started to arrive . At 5:30 Szerenka, my penfriend arrived with Antoine’s , Amanda. We waited for their mummies . I found Zar’s mother looked funny. On the way home we bought fish and chips with peas . It was delicious ...

DAY 2 : Wednesday March 4th


St Peter’s Church of England High school
We arrived at 9 am. Everybody was looking at us because we didn’t wear a uniform . Some of them made fun of us whereas others were very nice . Country time began in front of 50 pupils from year 8 and we were the first to present ours... Then Cathie, Amanda and Sras made us visit their school. I was surprised because
the teachers let us in their classes as if we had just integrated the school.In the afternoon we went to the pottery museum in Stoke . It was funny because we had to take photos of what we enjoyed in the museum and make a PowerPoint of them.In the evening I went to the Salvation Army and then we bought fish and chips from a take away.After Cathie and her friends had to work at their songs which they have to present on Thursday at the church . It’s religious lyrics and a friend of Cathie’s mum was praying for the poor and even for me to be relaxed and enjoy it LOL !!


...we went to the Assembly Hall to watch the awards ceremony..There’s lots of sports champs in the school, boys and girls . After we had to present Quimper and Le Likès . The Power Point wasn’t working well !!!It was harder to present our well-loved Likès.. After us the other delegations presented their own places ; the Germans were really good . At lunch I got a chicken sandwich prepared by Zar’s mum ;; really good! It was hard to talk with English students because they talk in a different way ... the young are harder to understand ...After lunch we went to the canal ...


Today was an emotional day. In the morning we had to do our presentation of the school . It was quite hard because the powerpoint didn’t work well!! Then we had lunch and went to the Wedgwood museum. This museum was not as boring as it seemed . We first in the high tech room with computers and cameras and stuff . The man who presented us the museum was really funny! But the emotion came later when we went bowling . That was just great, awesome, magnificent, etc ..

DAY 3 : Thursday March 5th


Woke up at 7:00 am. At 8:25 we meet 2 friends of Zoe’s and talk about cooking and French lessons.. Some cakes were good looking ..The first lesson was Spanish but I think I’m better at it than English pupils. They had to write something about their best friend, which didn’t sound too difficult .. I met Jack, Jacob, James... from Zoe’s class . They are the 5 J’s , only 9 boys in her class .After Spanish, French ...I helped Zoe’s friend to correct her copy.The teacher wasn’t there .. a free hour in fact . I had fun with Zoe’s classmates . Then it was break time, informatics lesson, where I was just near Becca, cutting her hair and teaching her some French idioms ..Religious Education was about segregation , the teacher adding information to the movie we had seen. Their lessons are cooler than ours. They can listen to music, eat during the lesson , but I wonder how they can learn a lot . After lunch we visited a well preserved mansion. In the bus we talked a lot, which really improved my English. The mansion is a Victorian one . The butler was funny and thanks to Amanda we had lots of details about chandeliers ..I’d like to have a house like that ...On the way back I had fun with the German delegation and their Swedish penfriend, Bridgit, about languages, faces...I also talkes about downloading music with Erik (Sweden) , CDs being so expensive . But downloading isn’t a good way to thank the artist. We played the piano , the bass and a kind of ukulele at Amanda’s .. Football results on TV...and Pizza Hut ... That’s all for today ...


...The French teacher came to speak with me and I was really surprised because she spoke to me in ... English ... What a contrast !! In technology Katie was working on the computer whereas I was playing on the Internet . In RE (Religious Education) we watched a film called ‘ A Murder in Mississipi’ It’s a film based on a true story telling about the period of segregation in the USA. After that in the afternoon, we went to visit Tatton Park, an XVIII th Century mansion. It was really interesting to know how people were living in the XVIII th Century...


...This house is a victorian building , we discovered many things about the customs of this time and about the way peoples used to live in England trought the ages in the house.In the evening we went to PizzaHut with Olivier and his host , it was a nice time we had fun until the hosts saw a girl and a boy walking together and said damn they shouldnt be together , he his ...boyfriend and so ...and then we watched a theatre act ,they took both their phone and spread the gossip all over the school , just like gossip girls ...

DAY 4 : Friday March 6th


In the morning we went to school by car with Katie’s mum. Her mum was always chatting , although me and Katie hate to speak in the morning. We went to the Assembly where a teacher was speaking of charity and values of the school like responsibility and assiduity. Then, all of the delegation came to technology to make a powerpoint of our trip, which would be viewed in the evening at the meal at school. After lunch we had shopping all of the afternoon. I enjoyed spending money lol !
In the evening we went to the church because Katie and her mum had to repeat their choregraphy for Sunday. It was an oppotunity for me to speak English with James, a Katie’s friend, and also to listen to non-religious music ...


The last day : this day was one of the greatest of the stay , in the afternoon we went to Trenton , it’s a place with shops , many places to discover and a big wheel!I went in the wheel with my host but she became mad , she started screaming and crying after 2 meters high ! me and Zaz had to try to calm her down until we came down.The evening was the best i think , it was particulary fun ,we had a great time with all the hosts and all the students of Europe , this was so so fun!! But it was sad to because we all knew it was the last time we saw each other so it was smiles hiding sadness ...but well we all had a great time there.

We sang lots of songs ( Barbie girl, Titanic, Candy Shop, Sex on the beach...) I wont stop my studies to become a singer... The time to do our powerpoints was cut by the break, we did our goodbyes to some English pupils, I didn’t cry. Then, it was the lunch, I ate at the cantine for the first time of the week, I took some fish and chips, it wasn’t really good... (not as good as the fish and chips shop) At the beginning of the afternoon we went nowhere (I am joking), ermmm... We went to Tatton park, it is situated in the middle of nowhere (I am not joking) there was some shop, a park and a big wheel, the big wheel was really expensive so I didn’t go in but the shops were funny, I went with lots of different people, laughing about lots of uninteresting things (girls, the most of the time... I’m joking, but it’s true that we laughed about them). Then, after having visited lots of shops I bought some souvenirs: tea, toffee...

DAY 5: Saturday March 7th

Saturday morning was a very embarrassing day for me, because I was crying at the North Stafford Hotel lol !
I did not want to come back to France, and to say good bye to all the delegation and to Katie and her mum was very sad. We all had big hugs, and Olivier was laughing of me because of my tears lol!
Then we put our bagages in the taxi, and said good bye to our corress.

Emotional day , we left the familie’s in the morning to arrive at the hotel around 8h15 , then we left the hotel , took the plane and got back home , all this with a hard touch of sadness

Saturday, 7th
Well, I woke up at, I let you guess... 7:00 I did my luggage + back pack and we went to the hotel, for 8:30
Antoine was there, he confessed me that he had cried, and Flora cried saying goodbye to her host family, I didn’t cry, because I am a man.
There were the Italians and we said, I let you guess... Goodbye. They tried to steal our taxi (but, thanks to our favourite teacher, Mr Poiraudeau, they didn’t) Then we took OUR taxi and arrived at the John Lennon airport (I noticed that the Liverpool airport was called John Lennon) ahead of time.
We passed the check in and Antoine was scared about his new game of chess but he finally found out a solution: put his bag in another bag!! SO CLEVER !!!!!!! (I’m joking)
So... We went into the airplane... I was the only one being controlled (I wonder why...) we ate some sandwiches before getting on the airplane while talking about humour (the teacher’s one and the pupil’s one...)

Well, we finally get in the plane, it’s not England anymore....
The End.....................

Les oies sauvages nous attendaient pour partir ....

Published on the : Monday 4 May 2009

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