UNESCO-Comenius difFUSION contre la xénophobie en 1ère L : season III

Après les sensibilisations du début d’année ( Nantes et les commémorations de l’abolition de l’esclavage en Octobre, accueil des délégations Comenius en Septembre, travail d’écriture avec l’écrivain Nimrod en Janvier .. ) , nos élèves de 1èresL ont achevé la première partie des réalisations du projet . Une délégation de 4 d’entre eux , accompagnés de deux enseignants et de Sophie, notre documentaliste attachée au projet , se sont rendus à Londres pour faire le point, écrire la suite du projet et vivre la diversité de l’intérieur ..

Car c’était bien de l’intérieur qu’il nous était donné de sentir ce que peut être une zone urbaine des plus diversifiées que l’on puisse trouver en Europe . Londres est connue pour héberger depuis des siècles une population issue des vagues successives de toutes les immigrations du monde , fuyant tous les conflits du monde, toutes les dictatures du monde .... havre , refuge où se mêlent ou se côtoient toutes les couleurs de peaux et toutes les langues ...

Aline, Charlotte, Romane et Nacéra ont traversé les tempêtes de neige pour nous représenter à Brentford, à une heure de transport du Centre de Londres , vers un autre Ouest aux senteurs d’Asie , où l’on se parle d’Irlande du Nord et d’Afghanistan ....et elles y ont parlé de leurs histoires à elles qui fleurent bon le Maroc, le Portugal ou le Vietnam ...

Mais place à l’épopée ...

January 21st, 2013 : Northern Europe had donned a thick white coat of snow that made the French delegation’s way to Brentford -London a true trial path through hardships and delays of all sorts ... but brave enough they were , and well determined to fight their way through the crowds of stranded travellers that packed the long tiled tunnels of Montparnasse and Lille Europe, all eager to jump on The Next Train , however hard the fight , however long the wait , however thick and dense the human pack ...a path of trust and commitment towards St Pancras and beyond, towards Brentford School for Girls , way there beyond the boundaries of the far reaching Underground, in the colourful world of the Overground , far away into the West of one of the largest and most multi-cultural cities of Europe .

"Today we go to London for an exchange. I’m so happy !
I have been chosen with Charlotte, Nacéra and Aline about our work on immigration and xenophobia. We leave with our teachers Mrs Hélias, Mr Poiraudeau and our librarian Mrs Laporte. Mr Poiraudeau told us how the stay would be organized
First, we arrive at 7:15 at the station and wait for the train. The train has been canceled, because there has been snow in the night" - Romane

« I’m in a panic,I’ve lost my camera. I’m not late but I will be, I’m sure ! Finally, my father gives me his camera. We leave my sweety house -I was a little bit sad because I hate to leave my house- at 7.00am. Oh ! Shame… When I walk on the platform, a nasty cofee smell appears.. Now, my shoes are sticky.. The train is late ! 8.07, we leave Quimper. We spend 5 hours in the first high-speed train, at this moment, I’m happy and smilling ! We arrive in Paris at 13.00, I was already a little bit tired and because of the snow, trains are late again and we have to go to Lilles to take the Eurostar. We arrive in Lilles after one hour in the second train ! After all, I believe it’s the last move when I get into the Eurostar ! Soon, LONDON ! Two trains, two subways and we reach Brendford ! I’m fed up with this travel, I’m almost dead ! But i’m in London it’s unusual, wonderful ! And when I see our accomodation all the bad mood goes away, I’m sure I will sleep very well ! It’s time, my eyelids drop shut. Goodnight !! - Charlotte-

Well determined they were to see for themselves what it means to experience ‘difference & fusion’ in your daily life . A treasure the fair Breton city of Quimper and its Harry Potter canteen cannot even pretend to offer . They were a small group of 4 students and 3 teachers from Le Likès , a large school that doesn’t know much about the variety of its colours . A small group who wanted to know , from the mouths of the 30 English girls and 4 Swedish guests in the project , what living together in differences can bring . And they did... they did drop into this extraordinary brewing mix of cultures Karen Floyd was opening to them : one student from France, one from Sweden and a group of the Brentford girls !! Now you can start talking .. and smile Brentford for the photos !!

« 7.00am, my alarm is ringing.. I’m so excited and I wake up immediately ! At last, we are going to see English girls because we go to an all girls’ school.. I’m a bit scared ! At first, we join all the students in a classroom to meet the difFUSION project students ! We take breakfast with English and Swedish new buddies ! The breakfast is good but some of the food looks disgusting for me in the morning like eggs, saussages or bacon.. Fortunately there is delicious chocolate bread ! At 10.30 we have a break and surprise, we hear a girl who speaks French without any accent, she says « c’est vous les Françaises ? » We say yes and we learn she is from Dijon ! Nacera and I play in the snow like two children because we love that and in Quimper it always rains.. The bell is ringing ! We have to present our powerpoint against xenophoebia and present our highschool ! -this part is real improvisation- This is the worse moment I fear.. I speak to an audience and I’m a little bit stressed ! Finally, it was quite good. Then, other students present their school and their work for the Comenius project. 12.30, it’s lunch ! We are surprised, the food isn’t bad. »- Charlotte -

Anglais pour nouveaux arrivants

« Then we met the Swedish and English students . The Swedish girls were tall,(taller than me ... ) smiling but a little bit shy , whereas the Englissh were talkative... Then we met the teachers staff led by. Karen for the Comenius project. She was very nice , smiling, and welcoming. We visited the school, and attended lessons in « total immersion » : sciences, art, maths (every subject in English of course) . First we thought we would probally not understand and be bored but finally i was very suprised about my qualities exept my very bad accent ! The teacher asked me to introduce myself in front of the class , i felt so embarassed. The teacher understood and helped me, asking me some questions. Then we did some exercices and REVELATION ....i understood most of the words and the teacher congratulated me. »- Nacera -

Other places other ways ...Veils all around covering the girls’ heads but not their smiles .. We will have to talk about this ... Houses instead of departments, a mix of Indian and British food for breakfast and lunch, boards of photos to praize good behaviours ( we will have to talk aboutthos too ..) , students’ paintings all over the walls , Arabic and Urdu words on the signs, ...A Senegalese lady addresses you in French at the canteen , another one tells you about Chennai , Tamil Nadu, or perhaps Pakistan or Poland ... Brentford School for Girls is about 80% community based and the teachers bear names from the Middle East , Asia and sometimes London ..But what the delegation feel is this energy that is brewing and the eagerness to be available and please . Special thanks to all Karen’s friends at the canteen , you made our visit an outstanding moment in London...and thank you all the teachers in Brentford who came to share with us ...

"Today, It’s the second day in England.
We got ready and we go now in the girl’s school to have breakfast. I was surprised because a lot of people were immigrants and wearing a veil. Everybody came to us and said :”Hello !”, “Hello” it was a little bit strange for us. After, we went with the students to see their lessons ."-Romane

« A student said : your high school is like a village, it was Hannah from Pakistan , she was lovely »- Nacéra- .
« Again at 7.00 o’clock I wake up ! We hustle to go into the shower, we are affraid maybe we will arrive late.. We join students in the canteen to take our breakfast, the same as yesterday. This morning we follow some students to their lessons i’m excited ! I’m happy I can go to the first lesson with Nacera !! We are in Geography, pupils show different powerpoints about the same topic, « Is there a fashion victim ? ». I learn some things I didn’t know before about « Nike » or other famous brands. I’m shocked, The group is very noisy, girls shout a lot and the teacher doesn’t react ! I’m sad, Nacera and I must separate, so I go with nice English girls I met yesterday. Lessons go faster than in France. It’s already the break ! I can see Nacera !!!! We talk about girls in this school and we notice the same thing, there are a lot of immature girls but we didn’t know before, they are between 12 and 15 years old.. Now we have to go in a large room, a French teacher decides to mix pupils from different countries so we speak with Swedish and English girls and I learn funny things. Like in « Harry Potter » in this school there is a competition between « houses ». their names, for example, DEMETER or HERA and houses win points in term of results and marks of pupils. We eat with some of the English girls, this is fun ! At 1.30pm i go to visit the school ! Drama class, music class, it’s a dream school ! –just for lessons..- Yes, we are a bit fed up with lessons.. we want to visit a little. We leave school at 2.30pm to go bowling ! It is great, I have a good time and there are a lot of funny attractions inside ! I laugh a lot with Nacera, Romane and Aline ! We don’t believe that, at 4.00pm we take our dinner, chips and a hamburger.. »- Charlotte

But our delegation was not only there to observe ... They were the messengers of their class with presentations to make in public... and in English !, one of the highlights of all our Comenius projects ... So they all did ,and well .. Nacera and Charlotte about the Maghreb community in Quimper, Aline about her Vietnamese mother and Romane about immigration from Portugal .. We also heard about wars in Afghanistan, in Africa , stories of immigration to Sweden ...tragedies that pushed so many parents and grand parents to leave everything for a better life here in Europe .. How unusual to our ears when we are so sensitive to the same stories from the Ellis Island of the 1900’s , but of course those people came from our own lands in those times ...

« I’m standing as usual at 7.00, but I’ve the impression I didn’t really rest. It’s the same for my three other friends and we are very slow to brush our hair and make up.. So we are late, so sorry.. We take our time to take our breakfast because we will leaving at 9.15am and at 9.00am we get our packed lunch to go to London !!!!!!!! We travel during one hour by train to London Bridge. At 10.30am we visit the London Dungeon.

at the Dungeon

I’ve never been so scared in my life !! During the visit, a lot of actors love to scare us, telling the story of Jack the Ripper.... Nacera and I are always together because we are afraid for nothing and we scream a lot ! When I leave the dungeon I still shiver.. I’m hungry ! We go to Natural History Museum, the biggest museum I’ve ever seen ! We eat in a large room under the museum. Our lunch isn’t really good so I eat only crisps and an apple. Go ! We have to see as much as possible during one hour and a half it’s very short for this kind of museum so we go to see diamonds, meteorits, butterflies, monkeys, fossils… At 4.00pm we join the rest of the group in the big hall of the museum. It’s time to say goodbye, we kiss all of the English girls in our French way ! This isn’t usual for them, it is funny !! Now, we go to London, I can buy some presents for my friends and my family. I hope they will love it ! After we buy a lot of souvenirs, we go to see Big Ben but I imagined it bigger. Nacéra is getting crazy, we are in front of the church where Kate Midleton was married !!

Night watch

We decide to go to the city but finaly, we are very tired and we think it’s better to come back because we won’t be tired for our long journey tomorrow. We take our dinner at the Mac Donald and we go to eat in our bedroom.. I am to-ta-ly exhausted ! I pack up my suitcase and I get into this wonderful bed for the last time ! Make ready, tomorrow we will come back ! » -Charlotte-

« To conclude , i will keep a very good memory of my journey ,which allowed me to learn about the others but mainly about myself » - Nacera-

Farewell at the Museum of Natural History

The next episode of this Epic will lead us to Molndal , a small city near Goteburg in Sweden .... But there is still a lot to do until then ....And the project is now open to the students of 1ES3 ...

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Merci encore à tous ceux qui ont accepté de livrer une partie d’eux-mêmes ou de l’histoire de leur famille au travers des interviews que sollicitaient Nacéra, Charlotte, Romane , Aline et les autres ...
Lionel Poiraudeau

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