The Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) Explained

Students take this examination at the end of their final year of junior high school (3ème/year 10). The key subjects are evaluated through end of year exams and class test marks awarded over the previous two years, as well as student behavior and coursework grades.

The end of year examinations consist of three papers; in French, Mathematics and History/Geography/Civics. These exams are obligatory.

Students must have also achieved level A2 in languages and must have passed the Brevet Informatique Internet or BII (an information technology qualification).

Students need an average mark of 10 out of 20 in order to achieve the Brevet. However, there are many books out there to help and students will receive plenty of practice by doing mock tests before they sit the final examinations themselves.

The Brevet is awarded by an external body under the Inspecteur d’académie.

However, there is another important factor that has an influence over what direction a student takes. This is the ’conseil de classe’, which is a meeting of teachers, officials, and parent and student representatives. Here, they discuss the student and make certain recommendations, whilst taking into consideration the wishes of the parents. If there is any disagreement then the final decision is made by the head teacher and parents can appeal to the Inspecteur d’académie.

Published on the : Wednesday 9 May 2012

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