The Certificat Formation Générale (CFG)

Students who intend to go on to vocational training after collège (junior high school) can opt to take the Certificate of General Education (CFG) in 3ème (year 10), which will eventually lead on to taking the Certificat d’Aptitude Professionelle (CAP) at a vocational school (Lycée Professionelle).

The Certificate of General Education is a French diploma that certifies students general knowledge and their ability to integrate socially and professionally. It is particularly aimed at people who leave the education system without any qualifications or without any professionally recognised qualifications. It is a first level diploma of general national education and was established in 1983.

It is not a professional diploma but it allows candidates to then obtain a professional level 4 qualification such as the CAP. It is equivalent to the old certificate of primary education (certificat d’études primaires), which was abolished in 1989.

However, most students choose to take the DNB. Only around 10 students per year from Le Likes choose to take the CFG. These students normally come from the SEGPA section of the school.

Published on the : Friday 4 May 2012

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