The Boarding School

A brief overview of the composition of the boarders, their timetable, activities and other useful information.

350 students (250 boys and 100 girls) make up the Likès boarders and they are distributed as follows:

  • Junior High School students: 18
  • Junior High Technology students: 6
  • SEGPA students: 5
  • General Seconde (Year 11) students: 73
  • Vocational Seconde (Year 11) students: 38
  • Premières (Year 12): 68
  • Terminales BEP (Year 13): 22
  • Terminales (Year 13): 42
  • Bacs Professionnels : 28
  • BTS : 50

There are 350 boarding places comprised of 200 single rooms and 75 shared:double rooms.

There are five supervisors and 16 prefects.

The Boarding School - a Place of Life an Study

17:45 - 18:50: Monitored study hall for junior high and year 11 students. Learning support is given to junior high and year 11 students by year 13 students and one teacher. Supervised study for students in year 12, year 13 and vocational students.

18:45-19:10: Dinner.

19:00-20:30: Boarders are welcome to use the cafeteria for card games, chess, television, internet access etc.

19:30-20:30: Boarders can access the Learning Support Centre, use the internet, the games room, the music room, play the piano and guitar, learn Breton music, and access the sports facilities in the Autumn and from March onwards.

20:00: Bedrooms opened.

20:30-22:30: Supervised study in bedrooms. Movement allowed until 21:00. Provision of rooms for groupwork.

Lights out at 22:30. 22:00 for junior high school students.


Various activities are held every Wednesday afternoon for the junior high school students.

Athletics Association every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 to 19:00 as well as Wednesdays from 16:30 to 19:00.

Out of school activities are available with parental consent i.e. football, basketball, judo, fine arts, dance, drama etc).

It is possible to go into town for up to one hour and twenty minutes after lessons finish: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 17:25 to 18:45 for high school students.

One television evening per week (football, films etc).

Accompanied movie nights in town: Thursday evenings.


Snack from 17:25 to 17:40 Dinner at 18:45 Breakfast from 07:00 to 07:40.


On Monday mornings bedrooms remain open until 08:30. The High School baggage room is open from 07:30 to 08:30. On Friday mornings the High School baggage room is open from 07:00 to 07:30. It is also opened at midday and at the end of each lesson during the afternoon.

Each student has a key to his or her room ith a deposit of 15 EUR.

Whether in the Junior High School, the High School, or the Vocational School, students are housed at the Sainte Marie site (20, Place De La Tourbie), in single or double rooms.

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