The Aeronautics Initiation Certificate (Brevet d’Initiation Aéronautique)

Prepare for the Aeronautics Initiation Certificate in Year 11 at the Likès: a training course about the knowledge of the world of aviation and space

The Aeronautics Initiation Certificate (BIA) is for young people interested in the world of aviation in general and aged from 13 to 21. It is a national diploma awarded by two ministries.

It allows students to obtain grants that promote sports and aeronautical activities at a lower cost, thus effectively preparing the student for the theoretical private pilot exams. It is a plus for students who wish to become candidates for an aeronautical career in the Airforce and for the BTS in the Maintenance and Operation of Aeronautical Materials (BTS Maintenance et Exploitation des Matériels Aéronautiques - MEMA).

This training course expands the scientific and technical knowledge of the student, bringing a measure of the severity and the importance of the decisions taken in this area, and allows him/her to discover the many occupations that exist within the aviation and space industry. This free training course is held during the school year following the availability of the students and instructors. The course is composed of 40 hours of theoretical teaching, provided by the teachers and pilots holding the Certificate of Aptitude for Teaching Aeronautics.

Visits to museums and aeronautical sites take place during the year. Aeroplane flights are scheduled during the training course.

Teaching begins each year in mid-October. So please don’t hesitate to sign up!!!

Published on the : Thursday 10 May 2012

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