Post BTS Partnerships

The Likès develops partnerships with universities and engineering schools. These partnerships allow Le Likès students to have privileged access to post bac+2 (2 years at university level) teaching in order to be able to pursue studies at bac+3, bac+4, bac+5 levels and further.

With the UCO - Université Catholique De L’Ouest

The Likès is participating in the establishment of a professional degree
« Technical Sales » with the UCO (Université Catholique de l’Ouest) in Guingamp.

This degree is open to BTS students Electrical Engineering, Industrialisation of Mechanical Products, Assistant Management SME and Organisation Accounting and Management of the Likès.

It enables young BTS graduates to obtain a second skill set and thus be able to approach the labour market with both technical skills (acquired in BTS at the Likès) and commercial skills.

Teaching is organised into 2 semesters:

  • First semester: students receive a general theoretical and academic education at the UCO
  • Second semester: students carry-out a tutored project and complete a period of work-experience within an organisation.

for more information:

  • Madame Françoise HAMOURY, Lycée Saint Pierre Saint Brieuc, 02 96 68 58 00


The Likès also works with the ESAIP-ISAIP group (l’Ecole Supérieure Angevine d’Informatique et de Productique / l’Institut Supérieur d’Action Internationale et de Production) in Angers who train engineers and project managers.

The further education institute ISAIP: bac+4 level International Computing and Networking Project Manager course

  • the possibility to pursue further studies abroad: Masters abroad, European Engineering, or an International University Diploma in Computing and networking.

The School of Engineering ESAIP: bac+5 level engineering ESAIP

  • Industrial Computing and Telecommunications Networks option
  • Safety-Environment-Prevention option

This Lasallian school advocates an inductive teaching method and teamwork (trinomial BTS, DUT, CPGE ou DEUG), in order to provide social mobility for BTS students. Its pedagogical project is very internationally orientated (study at foreign universities and internships abroad). It is located over several sites:

  • 3 sites : Angers – Grasse – Guingamp for the ESAIP
  • 5 sites : Angers, Dijon, Dunkerque, Lyon and Toulouse for the ISAIP
    Through these partnerships, Le Likès students benefit from privileged access to these courses.

For more information:

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