Full and Half-Board

These are the services provided by the establishment and which must be paid for.

The amount requested is for an annual package which includes meals and activities, which are available to the students from midday onwards. The fees take examination periods into account. Pricing is based on the length of the school terms.

Important : The regime is fixed for the entire year. Changes to the regime are accepted in exceptional circumstances only at the end of term (after the Christmas or Spring holidays) and only by a written request from the parents, which must be received by the Senior Education Advisor (Conseiller Principal d’Education - CPE) 15 days before the end of the current term.


Fees 2009/2010

Total First Term (Instalment) Second Term (Instalment) Third Term (Balance)
Junior High School 668 EUR 291 EUR 271 EUR 106 EUR
High School (4 days a week) 690 EUR 308 EUR 271 EUR 111 EUR
High School (5 days a week) 844 EUR 371 EUR 350 EUR 123 EUR


The total full-board figure is 2705 EUR per student, of which 1735 EUR is towards catering and 970 EUR is towards accomodation.

Total First Term(Instalment) Second Term (Instalment) Third Term (Balance)
2 705 EUR 1198 EUR 987 EUR 520 EUR*

* The 250 EUR deposit paid at registration is deducted from the final third term balance.

Published on the : Wednesday 2 May 2012

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