Éducation et formation Erasmus

The Erasmus Charter (2009) allows us to set up staff and exchange programs, partnerships with further education departments and companies abroad. These projects are supported by the European Commission.


The strategy of Le Likès High School is to join the Bologna Process, which encourages the creation of a European platform and the mobilisation of the higher education community in Europe. One of its aims is to meet the urgent need in finding solutions to the problem of the geographical remoteness of the Brittany region in relation to the decision-making centres and major trade routes of Europe. Le Likès will become part of this institution while continuing to follow its own exchange programmes and develop language teaching.
The European Section of the high school was created in 1996, followed by a Chinese Section in the junior high school. It was then aligned with the ELOS dynamic of Europe oriented integrated learning (teacher exchanges, teaching modules…). It also aims to develop and expand its experience of bringing higher education and business together, especially within the framework of small to medium sized enterprises and industries in the region (BTS Assistant Management of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) in order to develop the professional and language skills required by the employment market today.
Therefore, our current priorities are to develop, following the existing network of general and vocational high schools (Comenius partners and businesses), a network of equivalent training bodies (tertiary and industrial) that would support our current partners. This would also enable us to share and open our network of companies to other countries - these companies have been welcoming our students in their required courses during their undergraduate training for many years already (these companies are bound by conventions covering the hosting of foreign students). We would like to set up a multilateral project with the collaboration of higher education and businesses. This would be a multilateral partnership which would modernise higher education in the short term and ultimately establish a consortium with the authority to issue an Erasmus Certificate.

In order to support lifelong learning, our Careers Service is open to all our alumni and we have developed, as with any exam centre, skills and competences for validating and grading skills, qualifications and experience. We have also set up a Gruntvig apprenticeship programme in order to support young people with special needs through mobility in Europe.
The concrete tools for an Erasmus commitment are currently underway: a bilingual prospectus of the courses in ECTS, a multilingual welcome booklet for all foreign students (regardless of race, sex, ethnic or social origin), an overhaul of the school website (under the bilingual ‘International’ heading on the Home Page), the revision of responsibilities and the coordination of positions within the organisation, the establishment of a group of host families by the school Parents Association, signed agreements with our foreign and business partners, the implementation of the Europass in BTS, a European Resource Centre open to all, and the acquisition, last September, of a self-study learning system in six European languages for our BTS students. The support for students and their families in difficult financial situations is part of the Establishment Project of the LaSalle schools (solidarity fund, payment facilities and project support).

See online: Erasmus à l’Agence Nationale de Bordeaux

Published on the : Thursday 1 March 2012

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