Comenius ’difFUSION’ against xenophobia -season IV in Sweden

Monday 15th : after a long day of travel ( train and plane) we arrived and pulled along the quay of Gothenburg to sleep in a boat hotel at 11 pm ! [Students stayed with host families]

JPEG - 205.9 koIn the harbour of Gothenburg

« My host family was amazing , unforgetable ! Linnea and her parents are fantastic people and very nice . I have spent a very good time with them . We have been to the Hard Rock Café and to the bowling . It was very funny and I was really sad to leave them , but we promised to meet again in Sweden or in Paris . So I think staying in a familly is much better than going to the hotel because we are in full integration and we can share a good time with the host families . » - Marie

« When I arrived in Lindome, I met Eilin and her family . The first time I saw her and her mother I thought they were nice but nobody was talking at the beginning , maybe because they didn’t know me . Eilin was a little shy . Her dad was very nice . When I saw him the first time I was very impressed because he was very tall . Her sister was very shy . We almost never talked so I didn’t really know if she was nice or not . We had dinner together . The father cooked but didn’t eat . I don’t know why . He only drank a glass of water .
Dinners were the moments I prefered because we could talk and I didn’t feel uncomfortable . »- Chloé-

« I had a really good feeling when I met the family for the first time because they were really homecoming, especially the mother and the dad was funny . They showed me round their house , which is a real big one . I was impressed because it looks huge and typical Swedish with lots of wood ..’ Antoine
. « Ella was my penfriend in Sweden. She has 2 sisters, Alva and Irma . Her parents went to France when they they married so it was fun because they asked me about French words and food . They are very nice and welcoming . » - Johanne
« When I gave my presents to my host family ( caramels and biscuits from Brittany) it was funny because I saw their faces when they tasted. Then they said it was very good . My penfriend Ella took 3 or 4 biscuits and 3 or 4 caramels ...Her father even had to say stop ! because there would be no more for them . »- Johanne-

Tuesday 16th :

JPEG - 127.5 kostudents meet up

JPEG - 143 koteachers meet up

Almasskolan , our partner school is about 15mn by train from Gothenburg, in Lindome. The Swedish teachers were waiting for us . What a pleasure to meet our English workmates too. We were given a very warm greeting by the school staff .

The teachers who aren’t really active in the project accepted our students in their classes with pleasure ( French, English, ...) . The students offered their presents to the Swedish group and each partner presented the work about immigration they had prepared . These will complete the Comenisu Project e-book started after the London meeting in January .
[ ]

Then in the afternoon we had a project meeting to plan the next steps of the project and work at the project website created from Le Likès .

JPEG - 58.6 koOpening session

« Their school was smaller than ours . There are only 300 students . But what surprised me most was the school system . Its’ really different from ours . « - Marie-
« Some of the lessons were a bit strange for us because we don’t have them, even in junior school : sewing and cooking for example ..There is also a class where we cut wood and other things . I went to one of those lessons and I liked the teacher because he agreed to let me make a butter-knife . I found that very funny . The students there were so nice . I will miss them ; they laugh every time and they are very congenial . It was easy to speak with them . The bad thing is it was too short : we really started talking to the students and I wish we had had a longer time to get to deeper friendships . »-Chloé-
« Filippe my penfriend told me it was a big school but it’s really small compared with Le Likès . All the Swedish studenst were shocked when I told them we are about 3000 .... It was easy to talk to them because they are easy-going and very nice , even though we were impressed by their standard of English . « - Antoine -
« Their teachers teach 2 or 3 subjects and students call them by their first names , not Mr or Mrs ...In class students can listen to music and use their cell-phones ...They finish school at 3 pM and if they finish later they say it’s too late and they don’t have enough time left in their afternoon ..

Beach Volley in Sweden

wendnesday 17th :

The Swedish program was perfect and well balanced , between Comenius work, leisure activities for students, visits of museums ( VarldKulturemuseet, and Immigration Museum ==> Swedish emigration to the USA at the turn of the XXth century)

Titanic & Emigration

World cultures museum

« Everybody knows the story of the Titanic because of the film . The guide explained tu us that it was built to transport people from Europe who wanted to leave for the USA . I didn’t know that so it was interesting to understand the story of immigration to the USA .. »- Antoine [ today it’s the other way round , people want to come to Europe ...and Europeans have to find the good attitude .. ]

New project activities have been set up during these visits : we will follow their ‘One day in the World’ photo project and ask our students to take and send one photo of a particular moment in their life to be sent to the Museum . We will also collect graphic statistics of our local immigration in Brittany...
« On the wednesday evening it was Irma’s birthday . She was 6 years old . Birthdays in Sweden are like in France . They have a special song they sing when they bring dessert . But the cake was a little bit strange : it was pink because Irma wanted a pink cake ... but it was great .!
« Its funny because Swedish people eat all the time ! Well not exactly.. but they have 6 meals a day . Moreover they eat earlier than us . When I went to the restaurant with my host family I had my plate in front of me at 17h45 !! I have tasted Swedish bread but it isn’t to my taste .. They eat cheese for breakfast ! really strange to me .. » - Marie
« One morning for breakfast Ella offered me Swedish food. It’s like mayonaise but with caviar . So I tasted it with Swedish bread and butter but I didn’t like it, like fish taste , which I didn’t really like for breakfast .. So Ella had a good laugh seeing my face ... » - Johanne-

Thanks to the many coffee breaks with the other teachers we discovered a lot about Swedish specialities ( bread, cheese, cakes, biscuits ...) . These were friendly moments to talk about and share experience from the UK, France and Sweden : the education systems, the previous Comenius projects, the evolution of school librarians’ activities .. These moments between work and socializing allowed us to develop a group spirit around the Comenius project . We were particularly moved by the farewell dinner prepared by the Swedish students . One more time, we ate every possible type of typical Swedish food and cakes ... And to say goodbye all the students sang in English and French !

Farewell buffet

« I had a very good time in Sweden. The group is really lovely and welcoming . The Comenius project is very interesting and it has allowed us to meet people with a different culture from ours. » - Marie
« The last evening we had dinner and it was fun . When we said goodbye to everybody , the Swedes did hugs and didn’t kiss , so it was unusual to us .. » - Johanne
« - Thursday evening was quite sad when we had to leave our new Swedish friends we had spent the whole day with .... We were getting a lot closer than we were at the beginning of the week .. » - Antoine -

Parting was quite sad for everyone .... [ But we will meet again in Quimper in September ... Now there is some work to do in between ...and fighting xenophobia is not only in school ...]
E. Puechmaille and S. Laporte .


writing on the way back ..

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