Comenius High School ’A way of the region’. The first project meeting

The Likès delegation is back from Schmiedefeld, Germany. We were able to meet all our partners. The Comenius project is on track...

2nd December: 50cm of snow for our German friends in Schmiedefeld. We are meeting them again on our new project Comenius ’A Way of the Region’ - enhancement of heritage.

JPEG - 67.6 kble petit cocon cosy de Impuls SchuleEnora
"Arriving in Schmiedefeld, my first thought was ‘Wow! This village is a real fairy tale!!’ The houses, the buildings, the snow, and all ...Schmiedefeld is really a little town, a small, tiny village with a maximum of 3 or 4 streets ... but it’s really charming, even if a bit lost in the forest.
My host family don’t live in Scmiedefeld but in Frauenwald, which means ‘Women’s forest’ [from the first inhabitants in this area: a convent for nuns]. This is smaller than Schmiedefeld and higher in the mountains"

JPEG - 42.6 kbNos 3 déléguées ...Our three student delegates, Enora, Aude and Morgane represent the first group to be actively involved in the project: class 1ES2. Others will soon follow. They were accommodated in host families. It was an opportunity to discover the country of course, but also to work as it was necessary to present Le Likès to all 120 students of the school. All the delegations gathered in the gym. The text was in English of course... even though throughout our stay there was a sweet-sounding, harmonious blend of Russian, German, Polish, Lithuanian, and Italian. Because our six partners were there, each with their own identity and language ... and for us, our Breton flag!

JPEG - 41.7 kbdans le feu de l’action Aude

"We get up at 7am, then leave the house around 8am. It snowed all night and the landscape is even more beautiful than the day before to my eyes! After a few minutes walk we arrive outside the school. In the middle of the night and the snowstorm stands an imposing building that seems cosy; with lights and plants in the windows. We meet the French teacher who shows us our room. A French flag in the shape of a heart that says ’Welcome’ is pinned on the door!"

JPEG - 43.7 kbround the table ...Discovery and familiarisation activities for all ... the students make a small photographic report in the village of Schmiedefeld. The development of heritage begins at home...
For the teachers, it is the meeting not to be missed. This is where decisions are made for the next two years of the project. For example, what this book/guide ’Ways of the Regions’ is going to look like, which we will make at the end of next year with proposals from the work of the students in these classes. The heritage route Quimper - Bigouden is going to become famous as far as the Russian borders!!! We could even maybe find it where you would never expect to, in the Baltic or Swedish tourist office for instance!

Brilliant! German efficiency without doubt... Merci Christine, our coordinator from Schmiedefeld!!! We have finally reached all the expected compromises and the parties and visits followed one after another. The Protestant pastor of the community looks for some religious colleagues for a little ecumenism, a little voice between our distant regions, our different beliefs and philosophies. We remain pensive before the whalebone on which Luther sat to translate the Bible, a refugee in Chateau d’Eisenach to escape persecution...and we think of the fast-approaching holidays as we pace energetically around the Christmas market of Erfurt.

JPEG - 37.6 kble chateau de luther: EisenachMorgane
"On Thursday morning we had a meeting with the other delegates in a room dedicated to the audio-visual and photography.
The goal of this morning was to take some photos of Schmiedefleld. We had to ’catch’ some images of the town in the way that we would like, the photos should express what the town makes us think of. We were seperated into groups of four to five people, I found myself with an Italian girl, an English girl and two Germans who were to guide us around the town. From 10am until midday we walked in the snow and learned about the environment. This walk also allowed the students to talk, to share things. I really liked the fact that we were left to ourselves, especially as the photography interested many of us."

As you can see, our reporters have worked very hard... You can read their diary very soon on the next page...
The project is just beginning. You’re welcome to visit us agin.


Published on the : Monday 4 May 2009

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