Our delegation n°6 is now back from Molndal, near Gothenburg in Sweden , where spring was arriving with us . This was our last meeting and our guide book project will soon be achieved .. our common website is building up .. Solenn, Juliette and Berenice were our reporters in Northern Europe, in a school that brings together traditional training and Montessori techniques .. cooking classes, woodwork and classical teaching form our Swedish scrambled eggs of the day .. and we definitely want more of it ...

Tuesday, April 27th (Juliette & Bérénice who were in the same host family

Wake up at 3 in the morning ... We arrived at 12 p.m at the airport of Goteborg. During the journey in the bus to Almåsskolan, our partner school. I was surprised by one thing in particular : the landscape. There are so many trees, forests, without any leaves ! We could see typical isolated houses. My first Sweden sensation was a sensation of opening, I felt very little in all this land. Then we headed for Almåsskolan, in Lindome. We were warmly welcomed by the Swedish teachers and the students with very good typical cinnamon cakes ! The atmosphere is very different from Le Likès : students skating in the corridors with a helmet on their heads, some laughing and running .. It’s hard to describe but you feel the Swedish students are not exactly like us , maybe more relax, more ’extrovert’ actually ... but as teachers very welcoming

Le Port de Gotheborg

Bérénice and I discovered the house where we were going to spend a few days. I was in front of a house made of wood. Another thing attracted my eyes : many houses are decorated by a Swedish flag, they are very patriotic ! Bérénice and I could taste our first Swedish dish : potatoes and meat, a typical meal in Sweden, I enjoyed it, but I was surprised when they proposed us to eat our meat with a sort of jam. Again another thing can surprise foreigners like us : they drink more milk than water ! This unusual lunch was followed by a walk outside between German and French, and our hosts to a commercial center. I noticed they have very different shops from ours in France: H&M, Zara,The Body Shop.... In this center, the Swedish invited their guests to eat an ice-cream, it was so nice, and kind ! host families really want to know who we are, what our country is like , they asked a lot of questions ! Then we went to a supermarket, I was surprised and excited when I saw the sweets aisle : pharaonic ! And again we were the victims of the kindness of our host family, they bought us candies...

Wednesday, April 28th (Juliette & Bérénice)

Country time

The night was really good !! Fortunately !! Our host mum woke us up
It’s the twin sisters’ birthday !All the family came in thier bedroom as they were asleep ; the parents had made a tray with all the gifts on, a flag of Sweden (one more, they are patriotic !), they went to their bedrooms and sang something like ‘Happy birthday’ in Swedish ?!. So we began our day in a festive atmosphere. We had our first Swedish breakfast, there are many sorts of bread, some cheese, a sort of jam, cereals, orange juice, a strange paste (meat in paste that looks like the French paté ...), and of course : milk !

JPEG - 72.6 kbPresentation Time

This is the day we did our presentation,. At 8 am we met our teachers at the school to see if the powerpoints worked ... and of course they didn’t !! I was not stressed at all, even if we had trouble with the videos. We had our lunch very early, at 11h30 !

There is a place we go then, where students can play pool, table soccer, make their lunch, use a computer … We did a little visit of the school, there are new things for us, for example, when you are little, you put your shoes and coats outside your classroom to be more “relaxed”. We also visited two unusual classrooms, one where Swedish have sewing lessons, and another one where they work with wood. Woodwork at school
I noticed there is not any gates around the school, it gives a sensation of liberty, the students must be independent, I think it would be better to do the same in France. In the afternoon we took the bus to visit Mölndal with a guide, it was a little boring, many were sleeping like logs ! We stopped to visit an old house, under the rain … luckily there were nice biscuits to eat and to warm up our heart !

When we got back to our family, we celebrated the birthday. Dinner at 5.30 !!! We met members of the family, they were very nice, we ate like horses. It was the time to go bowling with everybody, we really had fun, we met new faces, laughed with them, and the French were quite good at bowling !

Thursday April 29th (Juliette & Bérénice )

Good breakfast again. With our host family we talk a lot about school, cooking, daily life in France and in Sweden ... We learnt to say some words in Swedish like ‘starwberry, hello, goodbye (hej dö) and thanks’ ..
How hard !! As Josefine is learning French at school,we talked a little in French and she is quite talented ...They showed a sport they like , stuff like yamakasi (the movie) and sometimes they train .. I’m sure because they are good at gymnastics !! Josefine and Annika asked me to show them some karate .. but I didn’t know what to do ...
The girls presented us their school . It’s great, well equipped for cooking, sewing, and ‘do-it-yourself’ for example ...Students have a great relaxation room , very warm, with computers free, bowling, babyfoot, and even thier own kettle ...
Today, during the morning, we did movies about ourselves, it was a good idea to learn about some people. It was funny ! more and more early, we had lunch at 11h in the school restaurant ! and it was not really to our taste!! … ! In the afternoon, it was the guided visit (by the students) in Goteborg, I saw tramways with again Swedish flags ! We went in a very very big candies shop, the biggest I have ever seen. I learnt that the Swedish eat very often and many sweets a day !

Sweet shop in Gothenborg
After the lunch, we visited Gothenburg, the Swedish students did the guiding. The city is nice, with monuments that seem to be old. But actually, I didn’t learn a lot about Gothenburg. This part of the visiting was not the best. It was when we arrived to a huge and tremendous candy shop that it began to be great. This shop, 4-Gott, is the hugiest candy shop in all Sweden. It the biggest one that I have seen during my life !!! In it, a lot of different lolipops, swedish salted sweets, chocolate… We were a bit like in « Charlie and the chocolate factory ». Most people bought sweets because it was so nice to see all those stuffs… Moreover it was cheap, if we compare to France. So, to the exit of the 4-Gott, everybody had a big bag of candies.
Then, we had free time in Gothenburg, still with our swedish host family. We went to a huge mall, with a lot of stores. We discoverd H&M, Top Shop, typically swedish shops… It was time to buy souvenirs so we di d it !

JPEG - 60.9 kbAt Gunnebo House
JPEG - 74.1 kbGunnebo gardens

After a break in our family host’s house, we were back to Almas school for a party. We showed the videos that we had made earlier in the morning. On these videos, we had to present ourself and to say what we like doing in our spare time and also to expose our projects for the future (hard thing, believe me!). It was a great thing, because it permitted us to get to know unknown people. We laughed a lot when we made it. We worked on Macintosh laptops to assemble our movie. The school is very well equiped !
So, to get back to the party, we showed our movies and ate some traditionnel swedish food. It was delicious and there was less fish than I thought ^^. Then young students (12 or 13 years old) presented us several dramas about Swedish writters. We had to find who they are thanks to extracts of the drama. It was really hard to guess. I don’t know any swedish writters (except Stieg Larsson). The winners were Lithuania, Poland and an other country that I don’t remember. But I am sure that they have been helped by Swedish students !!!
After eating a strange cake, it was time to leave.

Friday, April 30th (Solenn)

This morning, I attended lessons at Almås School. I was a bit surprised at what I saw. Students call the teachers by their first name; if someone is late, he can come in the class without saying hello or looking at the teacher, he just gets in and sits; students can talk to each other while the teacher is speaking, they can use their mobile phone and they can walk in the room. That’s unbelievable! Then, we went to the ’sewing class’, the ’construction class’ (a bit like technology in France) and the ’cooking class’.
JPEG - 56.1 kbCooking class

Students can choose which class they want to go to and what they are going to do in the lesson. Swedish school is very ’relaxed’!!! After this guided tour of the school, I had lunch and then I met up Bérénice and Juliette in the cooking room. We cooked ’kokosbullar’ with the students from all delegations, that was a lot of fun. Next, we took a bus to go to a fortress but it was a long way to go, so I made the most of this moment to speak with Linda.
JPEG - 58 kbOn Marstrand Island

JPEG - 99.7 kbOn Marstrand Island
JPEG - 49.1 kbA lighthouse in the fjord

We went on a boat to see the fortress, and we visited it. Once more, we had a strange guide. We had to climb many steps to go on the top of the fortress; there, we could see the Swedish landscape, which was magnificent! We had a strange snack with ham and cheese sandwiches, but we were hungry so we all ate it. After that, we came back to the bus, to go to Liseberg, the biggest amusement park in Europe. This was one of the best moments of our trip. We had a lot of fun; we were with the Italians and the Swedish we most get on well with. We couldn’t stop speaking together, laughing and singing under the rain (there was a huge shower, during all the time we were in Liseberg, it was pouring down). The ’merry-go-round/amusement rides’ were all brilliant, but we all preferred the same one so we went a few times in it. Liseberg closed at 8:00 because it was Valborg (a Swedish celebration),
JPEG - 92.4 kbValborg Festival in Gothenborg
JPEG - 72.9 kbValborg festival parade

so we ate at 8:30. That was difficult/hard for the Swedish to eat so late! Then we met all the students from different delegations to say a last good bye, to exchange our mails and so on. We saw the fire of Valborg and the firework, we took a last picture and unfortunately I had to leave because Tess and Fia were cold, whereas I wanted to stay to see everybody a bit more. Bérénice and Juliette were lucky because they could stay, and I was a bit sad because I knew that many people were still speaking together.

Saturday, May 1st (Bérénice)

While the plane is flying, I remember things which attracted my eyes :
Firstly, my sensation of opening when we arrived, the landscape, the forest.

JPEG - 42 kbMillenium solitude

The welcome of the Swedish, our host family did everything to make us feel like at our home. The mother bought us so many sweets ! and they really wanted to know who we are.
The food of course ! breakfast is different from in France, and I enjoyed to change my eating habits. They also drink more milk than water, and eat their meal very early.
The different way to study
They level in English, they are all bilingual, I understand why, their TV programs are in English with Swedish subtitles

To conclude, Comenius permitted me to learn a lot about another country, to meet new persons, to be in the middle of many different nationalities, in a “melting-pot”.

Frédérique Lohéac , enseignante accompagnatrice

Les enseignants étaient ravis de se retrouver et les élèves de se découvrir. Le moment fut riche, comme à chaque fois.
Mais c’était le dernier meeting et à cette occasion, nous nous sommes interrogés de l’impact d’un tel projet pour les élèves.
Titti Ljungdahl, la directrice d’ Almasskolan , a le mieux résumé la situation : "..Ce qu’ils ne trouveront jamais dans leurs livres scolaires..." . En effet, la pratique de la langue est le 1er objectif et nos 3 " Frenchies" ont fait une belle prestation , nous visitons et apprenons à connaitre le mode de vie des personnes qui nous reçoivent mais le plus important se trouve ailleurs : les relations humaines. Elles peuvent être fortes et se poursuivent. Ainsi, nous avons été très heureux d’apprendre l’arrivée des Siciliens à Quimper venus retrouver nos élèves pendant les vacances de Printemps. C’est vraiment ce qu’on peut leur souhaiter de mieux : Que ces amitiés durent longtemps."

JPEG - 62.4 kbPresenting the book project

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Published on the : Wednesday 5 May 2010

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