Burkinaction: Support trip of CAP electrotechnics to Burkina Faso from 22nd June to 15th July 2007

After three weeks in Nouna, a little town of 20,000 inhabitants, the group returned, happy with their experience.

The building project: to install all the electrics in a new building, consisting of eight rooms with a bathroom, kitchen and dining room.

Mickaël and Jean dig trenches in the ground. JPEG - 191.6 kbWe even had to move a wall!Last April the students participated in loading a container bound for Burkina with all the necessary equipment; electrical equipment as well as beds, wardrobes, kitchen equipment etc...

Three weeks have been needed for the smooth running of the project: the heat (35 or 40 degrees) makes it impossible to work all day long.

We have also been lucky enough to make a few excursions into the surrounding areas: 70km of trails are more than sufficient for one day... we haven’t repeated the experience too often!

At the end of the trails we were sometimes able to admire a group a hippos resting near the banks of a river, and we also went to the big market at Djibasso.

The most outstanding trip was undoubtedly the visit to the village of St Louis, some 30 kilometres from Nouna. There, we found a typical village with its huts, its granaries, its market, its little church and its very warm, hospitable and generous people!
As we made our tour of the village, the people gave us chickens - live - and invited us to have lunch with them (even though there were 15 of us!) at one of the farms. There, the students volunteered to kill and pluck the chickens before roasting them! Then we ate them with fried rice or manioc couscous: excellent!

July is the rainy season: in no time at all the wind gets up and blows the red dust around and heavy drops of rain hit the ground. This is what happened at the end of our meal in St Louis: our cars became separated and we were lost in nature as it was no longer possible to see the track as there was water everywhere!

Each team had its share of scary moments: the occupants of the 4x4 didn’t know the region, but fortunately Mickaël, with his good sense of direction, took us quickly back to the track; we know understand the benefits of four wheel drive after wading through the fields and ditches covered in 30cm of water! The other team, led by our friend Henri Traoré from Nouna, knew the area but his truck broke down: a distributor problem! Fortunately, Philippe was there!

What an adventure for our first stay!

It is impossible to tell you all of the good moments as there were so many of them. We all returned to France with beautiful images in our heads, names and addresses. We promise to come back!

When is the next project?

Published on the : Tuesday 7 August 2007

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