Beijing express n°3

Monday 9th February

It was a difficult start to the day for some as we had to get up at 7am.
Some spent the morning on the coach, but most of the group went to visit the calligraphy quarter of Beijing. At midday we ate in a special restaurant, which was a mix of Thai and Chinese culture and where they put on a show in front of the dining tables. The dancers performed several folk marriage dances. In the early afternoon we went to a bazaar in a district of Beijing. Then we visited Qianmen Street, decorated in the style of China in the 1920’s. It is being renovated at the moment and should be one of the greatest shopping streets in Beijing. There were many visitors, mostly tourists, but we were the only Europeans so we took part in a souvenir photo session (again). At the end of the day, the bus took us to the station to eat at McDonald’s and board the train at 9am for Xian. We were all in the same carriage and each compartment seated four people. Despite a lack of space compared to the hotel, we were able to rest and recharge our batteries before we arrived in the ancient capital of the empire.

Gael and François

Published on the : Tuesday 10 February 2009

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