Beijing express n°2

Saturday 8th February

Perrine and Laurane

The day starts early: up at 7am and en route to the Great Wall for a Great Day. On arrival at the site we are surrounded by mountain peaks. At the foot of the Wall a wind of apprehension is blowing all around us, but as Mao said; "He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man!" Wanting to push ourselves to our limits, we go all out to conquer this huge obstacle, in various ways.

The climb was very difficult and we had to do it in several stages due to the extreme effort it required. The first set of steps was more like a climb! Throughout the morning a huge crowd was following in our footsteps. After a smoother descent we went to see the Cloisonné factory where we discovered how these wonders are made. We regained our strength before facing the third excitement of the day; the walk along the Sacred Way, between the guardians of the Ming Tombs. Real and mythological animals, frightening soldiers... then en route to the Olympic Games stadium! The Bird’s Nest impressed us greatly on our arrival. What a thrill to be in the place of the greatest!!! But the urge to go and wander around the shops first made us hold our breath in anticipation. We were immersed in popular culture where we learned the art of haggling and we discovered the good-tempered vendors. After two hours it was already time to eat; a colourful dinner awaited us and we discovered a delicious specialty, lacquered duck. It was also a celebration of Lauriane’s birthday and there was a great surprise - chocolate cake! It was a curious blend of Eastern and Western cuisine, but delicious. We returned to the coach and discovered Beijing by night, with its spotlights and fireworks. This third full day felt like several rolled into one, all as rich in emotion as the other.

Published on the : Monday 9 February 2009

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