BTS Banking - « Personal Banking » Option

Further education for Baccalaureate graduates of all subjects.

Duration of Study: 2 years

The Advanced Vocational Diploma (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur - BTS) is a National Diploma which is awarded by the Ministry of Education.

Work-based learning

The BTS is offered in partnership with CFA Bank Finance and most other banking institutions in the region.

In the first year the « juniors » have 20 weeks of classes at the Likès (with two weeks reserved for continuous assessment). General education is taught by teachers from the Likès while the vocational training is provided by banking professionals. The remaining time is spent in the workplace.

The diploma consists of 6 units:

  • U1 : French
  • U2 : Modern foreign language 1
  • UF1 : Modern foreign language 2 (optional)
  • U3.1 : General economics and managerial economics
  • U3.2 : Monetary economics and banking - General banking law
  • U4 : Customer management and professional communication.
  • U5 : Banking techniques for the personal banking market
  • U6 : Conduct and presentation of professional activities


The Likès is not responsible for recruitment. It is done directly through the banks. The CFPB can however put you in contact with these institutions.

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