Wednesday Workshops

Because school must not simply be a place of learning, but also one of self-development, discovery and exchange, we offer activities to those students who wish to experience the Likès in another way:

  • The Aeronautics Initiation Certificate (Brevet d’initiation aéronautique).
  • A theatre workshop to help overcome inhibitions and tame the fear of public speaking.
  • A model aircraft workshop to give wings to your passion.
  • A conversation workshop (English or Spanish) for another way to practice a foreign language.
  • A film club workshop in English to help when we go to the movies.
  • A guitar workshop because there’s no better way to make friends ...
  • A First Aid workshop to learn lifesaving techniques ...

To be found in this section

The Aeronautics Initiation Certificate (Brevet d’Initiation Aéronautique)

Prepare for the Aeronautics Initiation Certificate in Year 11 at the Likès: a training course about the knowledge of the world of aviation and space The Aeronautics Initiation Certificate (BIA) is for young people interested in the world of aviation in general and aged from 13 to 21. It is a national diploma awarded by two ministries. It (...)


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