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Le Likès is open to the outside world and is privileged in its international exchanges, among other things.

European Classes

The Teaching of Foreign Languages

In Junior High and the General/Technical High School

The study of a foreign language is compulsory. The first foreign language (LV1) can be either English or German. Breton is also available as an option.

A special feature of Le Likès is that students in 6ème (year 7) can choose to study both German and English or Spanish and English. Throughout their schooling at Le Likès these two languages are considered as first foreign languages (LV1) and they can therefore benefit from a timetable tailored to this.

Starting in 4ème (year 9) and continuing up until Terminale Générale/Technologique (general or technical year 13), students may choose a second foreign language (LV2) (English, German or Spanish) and Chinese as an option.

The Vocational School

In the vocational school English is compulsory. Students can also choose the Spanish option.


In BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, which is a post-baccalauréat vocational qualification), a foreign language is mandatory (German, English or Spanish). In BTS Tertiary, students can choose optional German or Spanish.

The Comenius Project

Comenius was a Czech teacher of the 17th century. The European Union supports these projects of a linguistic and cultural nature. Each project is built with several partners on a certain theme. The general high school has just completed a project on the theme of coastal cities, involving a delegation of Italian, Dutch, Greek and Romanian representatives.

The duration of the project is three years. Four students and four teachers have received European funding to cover the costs and travel necessary, but it is a working trip.

In 2004 the vocational school had its turn to launch a project entitled ’Equal Opportunities for Men and Women and Professional Guidance.’ The partner countries were Holland, Italy, the Czech Republic and Greece.

Hosting Foreign Students

Every year we have the pleasure to welcome some foreign students to Le Likès. This can be done in seconde (year 11) or in première littéraire (year 12 specialising in literature).

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