School Fees

Financial constraints should not prevent you from enrolling your child at Le Likès if you wish to do so. Contact the school secretary or the headmaster for further information.

A support fund exists within this establishment. Moreover, some financial arrangements are available which can lessen the contributions of certain families.

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Books and School Supplies

In the junior high school and SEGPA, textbooks are provided free of charge to all classes. In CAP, the Parents and Students Association (APEL) organise a new and used book sale during the admission period. The books are given to the students when they start the new school year in September. School supplies and books remain the responsibility (...)


Family Contributions

This contribution compensates what the State doesn’t pay towards the operating facilities of the establishment and covers all expenses, except school trips which are billed seperately. Fees 2009/2010 Monthly Fees First Term Second Term Third Term Year 7 (6ème) 42 EUR 168 EUR 168 EUR 84 EUR Year 8 (5ème), Year 9 (4ème), Year 10 (3ème), (...)



Annual school fees are 795 EUR. Additional costs: books, photocopies, school supplies and training course fees. Food and single room accommodation is optional: Important: places are limited.


Fees for BTS Students

Annual school fees are 795 EUR (a 120 EUR deposit upon confirmation of registration must be paid Year 12.) Additional costs: books, photocopies, school supplies and training course fees. Food and single room accommodation is optional. A 300 EUR deposit is required to sign the accommodation contract. Important: places are (...)


Full and Half-Board

These are the services provided by the establishment and which must be paid for. The amount requested is for an annual package which includes meals and activities, which are available to the students from midday onwards. The fees take examination periods into account. Pricing is based on the length of the school terms. Important : The regime (...)


School Grants

Under the same conditions as in public education, students may qualify for national grants. The application must be sent to your current institution before March. Students may also receive Higher Education grants. The Student Social Application (Dossier Social Etudiant - DES) must be completed before the 30th April on the site: (...)


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