Le Likès

Le Likès, founded in 1838, is a Catholic teaching establishment under contract with the State.

It is part of the living tradition of Saint John Baptiste de la Salle who founded the 17th century Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

We strive to provide a quality intellectual and professional education for all, which is both adaptable (takes into account the abilities of each student) and, at the same time, of a very high standard.

We offer an educational framework that promotes:

  • Responsible conduct.
  • Respect for yourself and others.
  • Spiritual development.

Le Likès wants to open itself to the outside world and is priviledged to be able to offer the following international opportunities, among others:

  • European classes in English.
  • Preparation towards the Cambridge First Certificate.
  • A Chinese language option.
  • Hosting foreign students.

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LE LIKès | La Salle - Quimper

20, Place de la Tourbie - 29196 QUIMPER Cédex
Tél. 02 98 95 04 86 - Fax 02 98 95 06 24

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