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Students usually start collège at the age of 11, after they finish primary school, and spend four years there until they move on to a lycée (high school) at 15. Secondary education is compulsory until the age of 16.

The Class Structure:

Age Class (French) Class (English equivalent)
11-12 Sixième (6ème) Year 7
12-13 Cinquième (5ème) Year 8
13-14 Quatrième (4ème) Year 9
14-15 Troisième (3ème) Year 10

These four years are divided into three educational cycles:

An Educational Project

  • To welcome all students without distinction.
  • To create an atmosphere filled with an evangelical spirit, which is rooted in the life and works of Saint John Baptist de la Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.
  • To provide a quality education to all whilst taking into account the abilities of each student.
  • To help the young develop their personalities.

An Openness to Europe and the World

  • A choice of six foreign languages from 6ème (Year 7).
  • One foreign language: English
  • Two foreign languages: German and English, English and Spanish or English and Chinese.
  • Options: Breton or Chinese.
  • Foreign exchanges in 3ème (Year 10).

Teaching Techniques Adapted to the Needs of Each Student

  • Group remediation in French.
  • Mathematics work groups.
  • SEGPA Section d’Enseignement Général et Professionnel Adapté / Adapted General and Vocational Education Departement (Adapted for students with learning disabilities).
  • A four day week with the offer of extra support on Wednesday mornings.
  • A Pedagogical Integration Unit (ULIS) welcomes disabled students from the age of 11 to 16.
  • A Special Needs department. Designed to help students with difficult social problems.

Sports Activities

Within the framework of the sports association many sporting activities are offered: athletics, badminton, basket-ball, dance, gymnastics, volley-ball and swimming.
Duration: 1h to 1h30.

Lunchtime Educational Activities

A priviliged time for sharing and for an introduction to sports tournaments, reading workshops in the CDI (Learning Support Centre), visual arts, drama, bridge, chess, board games and the choir.

And also ...

  • An introduction to the Breton language and culture.
  • Free after-school homework support.
  • Daily support and a friendly ear.

A Pastoral Project

  • Voluntary catechism classes.
  • Religious culture or reflection for all.
  • Highlights: celebrations, preparations for the priesthood in 6ème (Year 7).
  • In line with the diocese: preparation for baptism and confirmation.

School-Family Relations

For us, the child is a whole and we must work together in order for him or her to flourish.

  • Monitoring through the parent correspondance book.
  • Planned individual meetings (November and January).
  • Families are kept informed about school life through:
    • Le Likès: The Le Likès newspaper (three issues per year).
    • The internet: www.likes.org

The Boarding School

  • Mixed.
  • It aims to make school work more successful!

A Choir: «Le Likès in chorus»

Bringing together parents, teachers and students.

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